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The Transformation: Fishy to Fabulous

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Prior to the renovation, we had one mantra when entering this condo unit that had been unoccupied for some time: "Don't open the refrigerator!" Whoever had lived there previously had, evidently enjoyed cooking with fish...alot.

Thankfully, they had cleaned both of the two refrigerators out, but the smells remained intensely within them...and in the the furniture they left seemed like even the walls smelled like old fish. OH!...and the patio! They must have done some variation of composting with their left overs on the small patio out front (Eek!).

This was a low budget renovation, so we had to use every dollar to make a big impact. Enjoy the pictures of the transformation! And don't worry, it all smelled brand new by the end of it!

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